Campus Security Authority Online Training Program

(Online classes to assist campuses in training Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) to comply with the Clery Act.

Responsible Employee On Line Training Program

(Online class to assist campuses in training Responsible Employees (Required Reporters) as identified under Title IX.

D. Stafford & Associates has developed these on line training programs to assist institutions of higher education in coming into and staying in compliance with training requirements under the Clery Act and Title IX.

Institutions need to provide a training course for individuals identified as CSAs under the Clery Act that is reasonable in length, yet comprehensive enough to ensure that a CSA understands his/her responsibilities with regard to reporting crimes. It is imperative that CSAs understand the essential elements of the crimes they are required to report, the geographic locations for which crime reports must be filed and the institutional requirements regarding ongoing disclosures to the campus community.

Institutions are also obligated to ensure that individuals identified as Responsible Employees under Title IX are trained in their responsibilities to report sexual misconduct and harassment to appropriate campus authorities. It is critical that Responsible Employees understand the types of conduct that may constitute sexual harassment or misconduct under Title IX and that they further understand their related duties as Responsible Employees. The OCR Dear Colleague Letter and the Violence Against Women Act provide guidelines regarding the topics for which Responsible Employees should receive information when being trained. The DSA on line course focuses on those identified requirements.


  • ADMINISTRATION OF COURSES: The role of your campus in administering the courses.
  • INSTRUCTORS: A brief overview of the qualifications of the instructors.
  • IDENTIFYING YOUR CSAs WHO NEED TO BE TRAINED: A list of positions that should be included in your CSA list
  • OVERVIEW OF COURSE OBJECTIVES: This section of the site provides specifics about the learning objectives for each course.
  • COST: Annual Cost to enroll in the On Line CSA (Clery Act) and Responsible Employee (Title IX) Training Programs. All courses are included in the price for your institution.
  • BENEFITS: This section provides information about the benefits including—Ensuring on-going compliance with these Federal Laws; Access the system from computer or mobile devices; Compliant with 508 Standards (for persons with disabilities).

Annual Subscription Fees

0-49 CSA’s = $490 per year

50-74 CSA’s = $595 per year

75-99 CSA’s = $690 per year

100-149 CSA’s = $700 per year + $5.00 for each person between 101-149)

150-499 CSAs = $950/year (+$3.00/person between 151-499)

500+ CSAs = $2,000/year (+1.00/person over 500)


BRIEF OVERVIEW OF 5 COURSES, including a new course added in 2015 for study abroad and off-site trip coordinators.
The Training Center contains five separate courses that each campus can use, as they choose, to come into compliance:

  • GENERAL CSA COURSE–1.5 hour on-line training program for all Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) who do not work for the campus law enforcement, public safety or security department.
  • EXTENDED CSA COURSE–A 2.5 hour extended version of the training program is available and geared toward Campus Security Authorities who work in the campus law enforcement, public safety or security department, such as officers, supervisors and administrators. There is additional content and information specific to their roles as first responders on campus.
  • CSA RECERTIFICATION COURSE—a 25 minute recertification course available for all CSAs who have previously taken either the General or Extended Course. Completion of this course will document the recertification training of each CSA on an annual basis.
  • MINI CSA COURSE (for Study Abroad Advisors and Off Site Trip Leaders)—A 20 minute program specifically designed for individuals who are advisors for Study Abroad Programs and/or individuals who accompany students on off-site trips (domestic and abroad) who otherwise do not have a function a CSA on an on-going basis. This course will provide them with a basic overview of the key responsibilities they will have in their limited time role as a CSA.
  • TITLE IX Course—a 1.5 hour program geared toward individuals on your campus who have been identified as Title IX reporters.
  • Did you include all people in the following positions/roles on your campus:

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