Other Services

Other Services

Expert Witness and Litigation Consultation

D. Stafford & Associates has several highly-qualified associates with significant experience serving in the capacity of an expert witness. The assigned team member is available to consult on litigation issues surrounding compliance with the Clery Act and HEOA as well as general campus security and safety issues on college campuses.

Accreditation Assessments and Planning

D. Stafford & Associates has a cadre of experienced CALEA and IACLEA assessors and accreditation managers available to assist agencies in achieving law enforcement and/or campus public safety accreditation. D. Stafford & Associates can offer assistance in assessing an agency’s current level of readiness and developing a plan of action to achieve full compliance. We can assist with:

  • guiding and assisting accreditation managers through the entire process from initial accreditation to reaccreditation;
  • identifying and recommending new programs and equipment required to meet applicable standards;
  • developing systems or procedures required to meet applicable standards;
  • reviewing current, revised, and newly-written directives and other proofs of compliance maintained in the standards files to determine if they meet compliance requirements;
  • assist with drafting written directives that do not yet exist but are necessary to achieving accreditation; and
  • providing guidance in developing a system to show agency personnel how to set up and maintain their accreditation files.

Conduct Surveys, Studies, and Analyses

Do you need to know what other institutions are doing (or not doing) as it relates to a specific issue involving campus safety, security, or compliance? We can assist you in developing and conducting surveys and studies to gauge what other institutions are doing (or not doing) in relation to these issues. Do you need to know what equipment others are installing, such as blue light emergency phones, CCTV, etc? Do you want to understand what your peer institutions, aspirant institutions, or another set of selected or random institutions is doing relating to subjects like: residence hall security, special event security, organizational structure, staffing issues, training, etc.? We work with our clients to develop a scope of work that will meet the client’s needs and we will work to get the answers to your questions.

Mediation Services

D. Stafford & Associates has trained experts available to provide mediation services to assist in conflict and dispute resolution. Conflicts can often be resolved informally when parties are brought together by our associates to participate in mediation. This process is a quick, inexpensive way to resolve disputes and conflicts using enhanced communication skills to improve relationships and understanding of the issues at hand. The process empowers parties to find a resolution to the conflict where they decide the outcome. Our associates are neutral parties that develop trust and earn credibility while creating an atmosphere of cooperation. We are not arbitrators and do not decide the outcome of the case or issue; it is the participants who decide the outcome, with strategic assistance.

This is not a legal service: we do not interpret law nor do we discuss legal options. Among the advantages of mediation is the ability to resolve disputes without a lengthy and costly process. In addition, parties are able to resume a professional working relationship which can be otherwise compromised by a contentious and protracted legal battle.

We specialize in the areas of organizational conflict, employment disputes, and community mediation.

Strategic Planning Facilitation for Campus Police/Public Safety

Has your department collaboratively engaged stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines strategic goals and objectives to move your public safety program forward?  Have the department’s priorities been identified to assist in making decisions regarding how to allocate limited human and fiscal resources? Are your department’s efforts aligned with the overall strategic plan of the broader college/university?

D. Stafford & Associates (DSA) can assist your department in developing strategies and plans that will enhance the overall effectiveness of your department. DSA can facilitate a strategic planning session with the key stakeholders in your department to develop a strategic plan. Depending on an assessment of previous activities, DSA may survey staff, interview stakeholders, and/or conduct focus groups. The final product will include a written strategic plan that can be used as a tool to move the agency forward in meeting its strategic goals and objectives.

Community Policing Assessment and Training

D. Stafford & Associates has experience in evaluating the current community policing philosophy and practices of a campus police or public safety agency. We can assist the institution in developing a community policing plan, including suggested practices, programs, and services that should be offered by the department to enhance or change the current policing paradigm.

The plan that is developed may include enhancements to or new recommendations regarding personnel, training, policies/procedures, and programs/services. D. Stafford & Associates has experience conducting community policing training for agency personnel to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the concepts surrounding the community policing philosophy.

Assessment Center Promotional and Hiring Processes

D. Stafford & Associates can assist clients in developing and coordinating promotional processes to identify top candidates to build a highly-effective organization. The process is designed to identify those who possess the critical skills that are best suited to meet the current and anticipated challenges unique to your organization. The process will include a series of exercises that provide a realistic job preview and simulates tasks that would be expected of the position.


  • Provides candidates with opportunity to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks that would be expected of the position;
  • Exercises evaluate candidate’s performance in multiple aspects of the job;
  • Process is designed to meet the unique needs of your organization;
  • Client receives feedback to assist in promotional decisions;
  • Feedback provides command staff with detailed information to assist in coaching, mentoring, supervising, and managing newly promoted personnel;
  • Candidates receive feedback to help them enhance their skills in current or future positions; and 
  • Assessment centers allow  other campus and local departments to participate in the process, thus instilling a higher level of confidence in the department.

Most Common Exercises:

  • Written
  • Interview
  • Presentation
  • Role Play
  • Group Exercise
  • In-Basket
  • Meeting Facilitation

Use of Force Program Development for Armed and Unarmed Agencies

D. Stafford & Associates can assist your armed or unarmed agency in designing use of force policies and procedures.  DSA can also recommend equipment, review report writing/use of force reporting form protocols and design a customized instructor training program. 

Our experienced consultants have a multitude of instructor and trainer certifications that vary from empty hand control tactics to armed tactical applications of force. They have a significant amount of experience in use of force program and curriculum development for multiple agencies and have presented at international training conferences and served as adjunct faculty.

Independent Incident Investigation

D. Stafford & Associates can assist your institution by conducting an independent administrative investigation of an incident or situation that occurs on your campus. Sometimes campuses need an independent opinion or perspective regarding the campus police/public safety response or the Institution’s response to an incident. For example, if your institution is struggling with the campus police/public safety department’s response to a particular incident, we can conduct an investigation into the response to determine whether: 

  • sufficient procedures were in place regarding the department’s response;
  • the procedures were followed; 
  • the procedures were sufficient and appropriate from a perspective of governing State laws/practices and national standards/ practices; and 
  • sufficient training had been provided to department personnel prior the incident. 

We can also assist the Student Affairs Office or Human Resources Department in investigating a case in preparation for or in response to a judicial hearing or administrative action on campus. D. Stafford & Associates can customize the investigative team based on the particular needs or the college or university.

To obtain a scope of work that includes a description and cost of any of these services, or to invite D. Stafford & Associates to respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide these services, contact dolores@dstaffordandassociates.com or call (302) 344-5809 to discuss any of these services and/or a customized scope of work.