Online Sexual Assault Investigations Recertification

Online Sexual Assault Investigations Recertification (SAIR) Training Program

The Clery Act, as amended by the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013, requires that all investigators (criminal as well as civil rights/Title IX/conduct) and persons involved in the adjudication of sexual assault incidents receive annual training on the issues related to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. They are required to receive annual training about how to conduct an investigation and adjudication process that protects the safety of the victim and promotes accountability.

Attendees of the D. Stafford & Associates training Title IX Investigator Track: Tier 1 Class-Sex-Based Harassment Investigations class (starting January 1, 2023) or, prior to 2023, attended the Investigation of Sex Crimes for Campus Police/Public Safety and Civil Rights (Conduct/Title IX) Investigators: Conducting Trauma-Informed Investigations class, the Title IX Investigator/Coordinator Class, or the Combined Sexual Misconduct and Dating/Domestic Violence and Stalking Investigation Training class, are eligible to participate in the Online SAIR Training Program, which will fulfill the annual training requirement regarding sexual assault as required by the Clery Act. DSA will make available at least two required classes per year for attendees to maintain their certification. Each class will include a quiz to assess learning.

The online training is delivered via a Learning Management System that can be accessed anytime. Attendees receive a certificate following the successful completion of the required online classes.

(NOTE: The online training class is limited to individuals who have graduated from any of the classes identified above. DSA staff will verify that the person has graduated from one of the identified classes prior to providing the registrant with a login and password to the system).

The Online SAIR Training Program is available at an annual cost of $89.00/person. If a registrant of this program is also a registrant of the Online DVDVS Investigations Recertification Training Program, the cost for the Online SAIR Training Program is reduced to an annual cost of $69.00/person.