Advanced Sexual Misconduct Investigations Class

Class Description

D. Stafford & Associates (DSA) conducts a 5 day intensive advanced investigations class. This is a practical application class specifically designed for graduates of either D. Stafford & Associates Investigations classes (see listed below under Who Should Attend). Investigators who have taken a non-DSA investigations course must receive DSA approval prior to registration.

In this comprehensive course, participants will examine the complexities of sexual misconduct investigations within the higher education landscape to enhance their investigations skills. Focusing on conducting ethical and effective investigations, participants will have opportunities to apply the course concepts through case studies, interview practice, and structured examinations of witness statements. This class meets the requirements of training as required by Title IX and the Clery Act, as amended by the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013.

Some of the key topics that will be covered are:

  • Title IX overview
  • Special cases including multiple perpetrators, case consolidation, and party non-participation
  • Issues of ethics in investigations
  • Identity issues including marginalized populations and group dynamics
  • Statement analysis
  • Interviewing
  • Report writing
  • Alternative interview techniques
  • The uses (and abuses) of technology in sexual misconduct cases

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for previously trained investigators. Persons who register for this advanced course must meet a prerequisite of having a minimum of 24 hours of investigative training prior to being accepted into the class.

Registrants who have completed the following DSA classes will be deemed to have met the prerequisite: 

  • Investigation of Sexual Misconduct and Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking Training Class (formerly called: the DSA Combined Sexual Misconduct and Domestic/Dating Violence and Stalking Investigation Class); or
  • Investigation of Sexual Misconduct f(formerly called: “Investigation of Sex Crimes and Sexual Misconduct for Campus Police, Public Safety and Civil Rights (Conduct/Title IX) Investigators: Conducting Trauma Informed Investigations Class”); or
  • Investigation of Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking (formerly called “Investigation of Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking for Campus Police/Public Safety and Civil Rights (Conduct/Title IX) Investigators: Conducting Trauma Informed Investigations”); or
  • Title IX Coordinator Training Class (formerly Title IX Coordinator/Investigator Class)

Registrants who do not meet the prerequisite of having attended either of the above classes may request a review of their previous training to ensure that it meets the requirements outlined by emailing Michelle Lacey at The email should include a brief description of the previous training completed by the registrant. Please include the certificates of completion as attachments to the email.

DSA will need to verify that each registrant has completed the required prerequisite prior to attending the class. You will be notified if there are questions about your eligibility or if you are not eligible to attend this class because we have not received the necessary documents to show that you meet the prerequisite.


This training class will feature expert faculty including seasoned criminal and civil rights investigators, experts from the private sector and Federal government, and those with practical experience on college and/or university campuses in the areas of Title IX Compliance, Campus Law Enforcement, Student Conduct, Student Affairs, and Human Resources. 


In-Person Classes: This 5 day class is held annually in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to accommodate travel limitations of the primary instructors. The class is held from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on the first four days and 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on the last day. 

Virtual Classes: The live, virtual classes are held for 5 days, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Additional logistics (airports, hotels, and other location specific information) is available when clicking the “Class Details” button for a specific class. (Note: clicking the “Class Details” button will not automatically register attendees for this class. There is an additional registration button that attendees must click to register at the bottom of the logistics page to complete the registration process).

Current In-Person Options

There are no remaining in-person classes scheduled for 2022. Class options for 2023 will be posted later this year.

Current Virtual Options

There are no remaining virtual classes scheduled for 2022. Class options for 2023 will be posted later this year.